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Canister Cane Systems (CC Series)

For small to medium capacity applications, the CC series offers traditional canister-style cryogenic storage in efficient narrow neck designs.

Sturdy five-wheel rollerbases are available for safely moving full tanks. A low liquid level alarm (55709-276) helps protect against accidental warmups. The phase separator (55709-278) can be attached to the stainless steel transfer hose (55709-244) for increased efficiency and safety when transferring liquid nitrogen.

CryoRetriever claw-style tool (82017-944) is specifically designed for retrieving boxes, vials, and frames from cryopreservation tanks. Exclusive sealed center shaft prevents hazardous spurting of LN2 that can occur with a hollow shaft retrieval claw. Aluminum canes (82021-110) simplify and organize cryogenic vials for storage in LN2 dewars with canisters. One cane holds five 1.2mL to 2mL vials.


55709-216, 55709-218, 55709-220