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Auto-Extreme Auto-Fill System (AFX)

Auto-Fill Convenience

  • Extremely Low LN2 Consumption
  • Remote Alarm Contacts
  • Vapor Storage Temperature of –185°C or Colder
  • VWR Two-Year Limited Parts and Labor and Five-Year Limited Vacuum Warranty

A cost-effective, highly efficient auto-fill liquid nitrogen (LN2) tank. Unique reduced opening neck design, hanging racks, and high vacuum insulation provide extremely low vapor temperatures of –185°C (–301°F) or colder using only a few inches of LN2. Typically requires less than one LN2 supply cylinder per month. Easy-to-use controller features audible and visual low level and low supply alarms. Unit is mounted on casters and includes a locking provision.

CryoRetriever claw-style tool (82017-944) is specifically designed for retrieving boxes, vials, and frames from cryopreservation tanks. Exclusive sealed center shaft prevents hazardous spurting of LN2 that can occur with a hollow shaft retrieval claw.