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Box Rack Systems (BR Series)

Combining the convenience of box vial storage with the economy of a low nitrogen loss design, the BR Series provides the perfect solution for medium to large storage needs. Vial storage in boxes (sold separately) allows for quick and accurate inventorying and recovery of specimens. The BR-1 model can hold 25-cell cardboard or plastic boxes. The BR-2, BR-3, and BR-4 models can hold 100-cell cardboard or plastic boxes.

Sturdy five-wheel rollerbases are available for safely moving full tanks. An optional low liquid level alarm (55709-276) helps protect against accidental warmups. The phase separator (55709-278) can be attached to the stainless steel transfer hose (55709-244) for increased efficiency and safety when transferring liquid nitrogen.

CryoRetriever claw-style tool (82017-944) is specifically designed for retrieving boxes, vials, and frames from cryopreservation tanks. Exclusive sealed center shaft prevents hazardous spurting of LN2 that can occur with a hollow shaft retrieval claw.


55709-208, 55709-212