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CryoPro Cryogenic Equipment


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Who is CryoPro?

Manufacturer of laboratory equipment specializing in cryogenic storage vessels.  Located in.  CryoPro is a registered trademark of VWR.

What is CryoPro’s supplier number?




What applications are these products used for?

Mainly for the storage of biological specimens at cryogenic temperatures (-130°C to -196°C).  Cryopreservation of animal and plant cell lines, viruses.  Clinical storage of patients bone marrow and stem cells.

What other types of products are cryogenic users buying?

CO2 Incubators, Ultra Low Freezers, Biological Safety Cabinets, and Cryo Vials are good candidates for CryoPro products.

Who else carries the line?

CryoPro is a registered trademark of VWR.  Most distributors have a limited line of cryogenic storage equipment, no other national distributor carries a complete Auto-fill line.

Who does this line compete with?

Forma , Taylor-Wharton, Thermolyne, Fisher, MVE/Chart, Custom Biogenics

What is unique about this product line?

The first large capacity, auto-filling cryogenic storage systems offering a full-featured controller in a simplified, turn key package appropriate for catalog sales.  Larger vial capacities in each class.

Can we sell these products in Canada?




What is the discount structure or selling margin?

40% to 50%

Are products stocked at VWR Regional Distribution Centers?

Yes, they will be after several months to get a sales history to base appropriate stock volumes on.

Who is the Marketing Manager?


Erin Gonzalez-Hicks  (610)719-7014


Who should I call for product/technical assistance?

Customer Service (866)427-2580

What supplementary information is included?


Cryopreservation brief

Competitive Cross Reference

What support literature is included?


8 page sales brochure


How can I get more literature?


Through the Literature Library, #99-853