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MVE: A full line manufacturer of cryogenic equipment making everything from small biological storage units to the largest bulk tanks used in industrial applications.  They distribute their products primarily through industrial gas suppliers who sell cryogenic equipment as a complimentary product to their main objective, selling industrial and medical gases.


Taylor-Wharton: Competes directly with MVE using industrial gas suppliers as their main distribution outlet.  Similar to MVE, they focus their efforts on their industrial suppliers since their volume of sales in supply cylinders and bulk tanks represents the majority of their overall business.


Forma: A supplier of laboratory equipment with a focus on research labs.  They entered the cryogenic field by purchasing CryoMed, a company manufacturing cryogenic storage equipment and controlled rate freezers.  Forma’s cryogenic products are primarily private labeled for them.  They sell their products directly to their customers using direct sales reps.


Thermolyne: A catalog based laboratory equipment supplier.  They carry a limited line of cryogenic storage equipment with a focus on their manually filled rack/box storage systems called the Locator series.  They have numerous outlets for their products including: direct to their customers though their catalogs and web site, by distributors and manufacturers’ rep groups.


Custom Biogenic Systems: A full line supplier of cryogenic laboratory equipment, including manual and auto-fill units.  They sell direct to their customers using factory sales reps and manufacturers’ rep groups. 


CryoSafe: Similar to Custom Biogenic Systems they are a full line supplier of cryogenic laboratory equipment.  They only sell through a network of manufacturers’ rep groups.


CryoPro Model # (vials) VWR Catalog #TW Model # (vials)Thermolyne Model # (vials)
Auto-Fill Units   
AF-10 (10,400)55709-20010K (10,400) 
AF-20 (24,500)55709-20424K (24,050) 
  38K (38,500 
Manual-Fill Rack & Box Units  Locator Series
BR-1 (875)55709-208750RS (750)CY50925-Jr (1,600)
BR-2 (2,500)55709-2101575RS (1,575)CY50935-4  (3,600)
BR-3 (5,000)55709-2123000RS (3,000)CY50945-8 (1,800)
BR-4 (7,000)55709-2144800RS (4,800)CY50985    (6,000)
Manual-Fill Canister Units  Biocane
CC-1X (150)55709-216XT Series (180)CK509X1 (180)
CC-2 (210)55709-218CK509X2 (180)
CC-3 (360)55709-22020HC (684)CK509X3 (720)
CC-4 (684)55709-22234HC (684)CK509X4 (1,512)
CC-5 (1,320)55709-22435HC (1,020)CK509X5 (1,850)
  35VHC (1,260) 
  36VHC (1,656) 
Vapor Shippers   
V-48 (48)55709-226CP30 (30)CY50905 (48)
V-106 (106)55709-228CP100 (102)CY50915 (9)
V-500 (500)55709-230CP300 (312) 
V-900 (900)55709-232CP500 (500) 
Liquid Dewars (liters) (liters)(liters)
L-5 (5)55709-2344LD (4)TY509X1 (5)
L-10 (10)55709-2365LD (5)TY509X2 (10)
L-20 (20)55709-23810LD (10)TY509X3 (20)
L-30 (30)55709-24025LD (25)TY509X4 (30)
L-50 (50)55709-24235LD (35)TY509X5 (35)
  50LD (50)TY509X6 (50)